Become a reseller

Would you like to buy our products at wholesale prices? Do you have a business? Well ... Reselling our products is very simple. To become one of our resellers, simply register on the site by sending us an email by clicking on contact us and request activation as a reseller. Within a few hours we will contact you, the prices reserved for you will be activated with the relative warning email. (check the spam box) Carlito's Weed is one of the few companies currently on the market (perhaps the only one) that does not in any way oblige retailers to deposit percentages on turnover and / or sales. Our Policy is total freedom in trade - NO MINIMUM ORDER - NO FRANCHISING - NO ROYALTY ON TURNOVER - NO PRICE IMPOSED In addition to the first order we provide printed material and posters for your shop for free. AFTER THE FIRST ORDER YOU WILL BE ADVERTISED AND INSERTED DIRECTLY ON THE DEALERS PAGE OF CARLITO'S WEED AT THE FOLLOWING LINK: