Legal inflorescences

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Things to know: What is cannabis light?

When we talk about cannabis light we are talking about cannabis inflorescences that have a low THC content. How low this content must be is revealed by law no. 242/2016, which established that the cultivation, purchase and sale of cannabis is legal as long as the THC content is less than 0.6%. Below this threshold, therefore, you can safely buy cannabis, even on the Internet as in our Carlito's Weed store, without running into any kind of prejudice.


Analgesia and decreased physical pain General feeling of relaxation and well-being (subjective) Euphoria (depending on the context) Amplification of sensory perceptions (subjective) Drowsiness Increased appetite, commonly called munchies [9] Anti-emetic action Reduction in blood pressure Slight increase in heart rate Vasodilation Reduction eye pressure (which is why, together with vasodilation, the eyes become red) Dry mouth It is important to emphasize that the effects of marijuana can become positive or negative depending on the subject who takes it, on the type (quality, values ​​of THC and CBD , amount taken), the social context and the activities carried out under the effects of the substance. That said, excessive use can lead to acute intoxication. Which is resolved within a few hours.